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mn4703f Latest images taken of the Moon... 05.12.03

Using high-end Digitals
for Astro Imaging

Unless otherwise noted: for all of the images on this page I used the homebuilt 4.7" refractor without focal reduction it is a f8.3...however these images were captured with eyepiece projection using a 40mm Scopetronix Max View, and Sony dscF707 non cooled ccd chip. I was able to use considerable zoom due to the large pixel rating 5.0 mp. Resolution used was 2560x1920 for the originals before their reduction.

2x Barlow series
Lunar 2x series

Taken 5.12.03 from AASO/ Ridgemont.

AASO Photo ID: lur959nail File Name: Lur959_51203gph.jpg
Exp. Type: Digital Date Taken: 05/12/03
Title: Sinus Iridum

Description: These photograph's of the Moon were taken from Ridgemont Observatory during better than average seeing. The image's were captured with a homebuilt 4.7" refractor f/8.3, and Sony F707. using the Orion 2xBarlow 02:56 GMT

Subject terms:
Moon 2X 03
Mn2X PROJECT (Planetary)
METHOD: Eyepiece Projection 40mm

First Light 8" SCT UHTC Enlarge
Credit: Mark McClure/AASO Ridgemont Observatory

My thanks for the many accolades on Newsgroups: alt.binaries.pictures.astro from my latest image run, especially to Richard P. Johnson for digging back in his archives for a very nice 1960's film comparison image of the Theophilus crater region. Thanks to all that responded! This is the first light test image on the 8" SCT f/10 UHTC...taken from my observatory in West KY. 4.10.03, before the haze rolled in this morning at 10 hrs. UTC.

CCD Moon Gallery

ccdsky.com is a work in progress. Here you will find Lunar,and soon Deep Sky imaging. I will be covering imaging processing techniques and equipment used to image the night sky from my home Observatory in West KY. plus offer technical information and personal observations on the objects observed. Unless otherwise noted, all images were taken by Mark McClure from AASO, Ridgemont Observatory.
Credit: Mark McClure/AASO Ridgemont Observatory

Theophilus Crater Region

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mn4703c mn4703b mn4703a mn4703e
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Moon News

Moon: Next Generation Plan

posted: 07:00 am ET 26 September 2002

A NASA Exploration Team (NExT) is prepared to showcase their springboard vision for returning to the Moon, visiting asteroids, and trekking on to Mars and beyond. Check the status report on global space prowess.

Credit: NASA/ space.com

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