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Nasa and Russia come to Terms

NASA and Russia ended their latest dispute in
space by agreeing that the Russians
would go ahead with Saturday’s launch
of a Soyuz rocket bearing a millionaire
space tourist, but delay docking with the
International Space Station if NASA needed
more time to fix computer problems
there. Friday’s deal heads off a potentially
perilous case of orbital gridlock involving
the space shuttle Endeavour.

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Jurassic park unearthed Fossil mega-find in Patagonia
On an arid plateau some 950 miles south
of Buenos Aires, Argentine paleontologists
have found a sprawling "Jurassic Park"
of dinosaur fossils.

So far, four unknown dinosaurs from about
150 million years ago have been found
-- also, an ancient mammal and dozens
of fossils of reptiles and ancient sea turtles.

In what's been called, "possibly the most
significant find ever," scientist think
they've uncovered maybe two percent of
this fossil treasure trove in the Chubut
province that covers hundreds of square miles.

Paul McCartney

McCartney Brings Land Mine Campaign to Washington
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former Beatle Paul McCartney
and his activist girlfriend Heather Mills brought their
campaign against land mines to the U.S. government
on Thursday and said they found Secretary
of State Colin Powell supportive, despite U.S.
reservations about a worldwide ban.
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