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Bill Cheney
John Larson
Kurt David Englehart
John Summers
Robert Lindsey
Bryan Sargent
Gary Morse
Barry Chase
Dave Christian
John Stewart
Frank Carvelle
Mark McClure
Real Rock WKYX
covered a 5 state area and was sometimes referred to as Big Kicks on air.

Located in the early to mid seventies in a shotgun building on 6th street in downtown Paducah KY. many talented radio people were heard on its airwaves during this period of radio broadcasting history (a few are listed in the left column). As we recall the memories it isnít hard to remember the sound of John Larsonís squeaky brass horn and the funny creative commercials of Bill Cheney and "Spots" Sherwood coming through the radio speakers.

From the vintage RCA BC-6B control board pictured above remember the nostalgic rich history and classic moments of one of the best AM rock radio stations ever. This is a tribute to those special years.