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UHTC Coatings

The LX200 was my choice for astrophotography.
If your interest is getting into this exciting area of Astronomy, I certainly recommend this model by Meade.

I didn't think that UHTC was that significant until I read and studied more about it, so I chose to get the coatings. This enhancement in light reflection improves brightness by as much as 20% across the visual spectrum compared to its standard optical coatings. A 20% increase in brightness equates to adding about 10% to the aperture's diameter, so a UHTC 8 inch should perform like a 8.75 inch with standard coatings.

Lunar Eclipse '03

Eclipse Images
1 2 3

Gassendi +A and B

2x Barlow Series

Taken 5.12.03 from AASO/ Ridgemont.

AASO Photo ID: lur959nail File Name: Lur959_51203gph.jpg
Exp. Type: Digital Date Taken: 05/12/03
Title: Sinus Iridum

Description: These photograph's of the Moon were taken from Ridgemont Observatory during better than average seeing. The image's were captured with a homebuilt 4.7" refractor f/8.3, and Sony F707. using the Orion 2xBarlow 02:56 GMT

Subject terms:
Moon 2X 03
Mn2X PROJECT (Planetary)


Thanks to Merimac Studio for photography.

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